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The Dominican Republic tax attorneys of Arciniegas Abogados are experienced in representing individual and business clients in all types of tax resolution matters. The Dominican tax authority wields tremendous power over our lives and businesses, without the oversight and protections that a court of law may provide. The Dominican Republic Directorate General of Internal Revenue is relentless in its enforcement of domestic tax laws. The government can audit your returns and assess deficiencies, interest, and penalties, leaving you struggling to meet your obligations.

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Resolve Your Dominican Tax Liabilities
Settle and Compromise Your Tax Liabilities

If you cannot fully pay your outstanding tax liabilities, there are ways to settle and compromise your tax obligations, including:

  • Offers in Compromise

  • Innocent Spouse Relief

  • Penalty Abatement

Payroll Taxes

Learn more about how Arciniegas Abogados can assist you with your payroll tax liabilities.

Payment Options You Can Afford

Tax liabilities won’t go away on their own. The tax attorneys at Arciniegas Abogados can help you deal with tax authority collection efforts, including:

  • Installment Agreements

  • Liens, Levies, and Garnishments

  • Currently Not Collectible

Audit Defense

If you are under the Directorate General of Internal Revenue audit, Arciniegas Abogados can protect your rights.

Getting Back into Tax Compliance

People get behind on tax filings for many reasons. If you’ve missed a tax filing, Arciniegas Abogados can help you get back in compliance, including:

  • Unfiled Tax Returns

  • FBARs and Foreign Accounts

Tax Notices

Learn more about the notices the tax authority is using to conduct more of its collection efforts.


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